Numbers 10 or Less from

The Number 3

The Number 3, black and white photo

Week number 2 (January 2015) at is the theme of Numbers 10 or Less.  The weather around here makes it hard to get interesting shots of signs or other items outdoors.  A clock, and the use of selective focus gave me a chance to isolate a specific number.  Taken with a Canon 50D with a Canon 100mm Macro lens, converted to black and white using Nik Silver Effects.  All my shots for the 2015 photo challenge are available on my flickr stream.

Next week, the topic is Trees.  The weather so far is not cooperating.  Sun, or some snow would be great, but so far, just grey skies.  At this rate, it will not be easy to get a majestic evergreen tree with a scenic blue sky.  That’s why it’s a challenge!!

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