Numbers 10 or Less from

The Number 3

The Number 3, black and white photo

Week number 2 (January 2015) at is the theme of Numbers 10 or Less.  The weather around here makes it hard to get interesting shots of signs or other items outdoors.  A clock, and the use of selective focus gave me a chance to isolate a specific number.  Taken with a Canon 50D with a Canon 100mm Macro lens, converted to black and white using Nik Silver Effects.  All my shots for the 2015 photo challenge are available on my flickr stream.

Next week, the topic is Trees.  The weather so far is not cooperating.  Sun, or some snow would be great, but so far, just grey skies.  At this rate, it will not be easy to get a majestic evergreen tree with a scenic blue sky.  That’s why it’s a challenge!!

Is Photography Art?

A recent episode of a podcast I listen to, This Week in Photo, asked the question “Is Photography Art?”  The discussion they had got me to thinking about that question.  Current camera technology does a lot of the work for you.  Just point and press the button, and put it online.  So where is the art?

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Sunset Sky in Black and White

The color version of this photo looked great, it was not something that was an obvious black and white conversion.  It had really nice rich color in the sky.  But I experimented with the black and white conversion tools in Topaz BW Tools, and it came out with this moody looking sky, above the bare limbs of the trees.  I like the black and white version better!

Black and White Sunset in southwest Missouri.

Black and White Sunset in southwest Missouri.

Is there really a Santa Clause

No, this isn’t really photo news, but it’s a serious issue that is on many people’s minds this time of year.  Is there really a Santa Clause?  Research web site has taken on this topic.

“Mountains of historical data and more than 50 years of NORAD tracking information leads us to believe that Santa Claus is alive and well in the hearts of people throughout the world…”  This along with other Pro Santa arguments, are part of the lively debate on the site.  They also provide a great history of Santa.  While they don’t have a definitive answer, they do provide solid arguments, and let you draw your own conclusions.

Digital Camera HQ Announces 2014 Editor’s Choice Awards

The Year’s Top-Ranked Cameras Include Models From Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm and more
2014 editor’s choice

PRLogDec. 18, 2014NEW JERSEY – Digital Camera HQ (, a growing review-based website, has announced the top ranked cameras for 2014. The Editor’s Choice awards were given out to eleven different cameras, each in different categories, based on image quality, performance and design.

“Camera technology is becoming increasingly focused on better sensors and lenses in a smaller, more user-friendly design,” said DCHQ Managing Editor, Hillary Grigonis. “Selecting the top model was a tough choice in many categories, but ultimately came down to the best image quality paired with the most enjoyable user experience.”

DCHQ reviews the best imaging products throughout the year and finalized their 2014 scores last week. The awards are broken down by category as well as price and given to cameras introduced in 2014 or late 2013.

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StoneTether – Bluetooth technology to help you find what you have lost

Stonetether has been extremely successful with their Kickstarter campaign.  The raised 2,400% of their goal, and shipments are projected to start in April of 2015.  What is it that people are so excited about?  A recent news release states that their product is a blue tooth tracking device, about the size of a quarter, with a range of 500 feet.  Attach it to anything from luggage, to your dog, or even your kid. Continue reading

All you need to know about Christmas photography

‘Tis the season to be jolly . . .

Christmas Table Setting

Christmas Table Setting

but that can be difficult when you are a photographer! There is nothing more complicated than harsh sunlight, early evenings, and thousands upon thousands of little Christmas lights to mess up your photographs, which can be really upsetting when you are trying to capture those wonderful memories. Christmas photography really is like no other time of year, and that means that you will need to throw out (almost) everything that you have learned about photography up until now! There are some really great ways that you can bring the seasonal time of year to your camera – this is how I am doing it: Continue reading