StoneTether – Bluetooth technology to help you find what you have lost

Stonetether has been extremely successful with their Kickstarter campaign.  The raised 2,400% of their goal, and shipments are projected to start in April of 2015.  What is it that people are so excited about?  A recent news release states that their product is a blue tooth tracking device, about the size of a quarter, with a range of 500 feet.  Attach it to anything from luggage, to your dog, or even your kid.

Leaving on a trip, and need to remember your camera bag?  Record the date and time you’re supposed to leave, and if that item goes out of range, because you left the house without it for example, you get a reminder.

If you missed the kickstarter campaign, have no fear.  Visit their website, and, and check out the early adopter discounts currently available.   The device costs $20, and looks to be a great idea for people who have things they need to keep track of.

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